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DO Sweat it!

Did you know that at least 240 people in the United States die of heat-related illness every year? In fact, during the prolonged heat wave of 1980, 1,700 people died as a direct result of those increased temperatures. Unfortunately, heat stroke is also the third ranked cause

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The Mosquito Two-Step

It’s a balmy summer evening. The sweltering heat and humidity of the day are subsiding, and the fireflies are beginning to twinkle in the corners of the yard. Ahhh. . .at last, time to relax on the back porch and watch the darkening sky fill up with

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The Salmonella Blues

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf Did you know that summertime is the prime time for food poisoning? If you think about it logically, you would have surmised such already. After all, when we are trying to

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Plane Scared

Vacation time is here again. We’re at the shank of summer fun as we approach the Fourth of July Holiday. And, millions of Americans are flying to resorts, foreign countries, and family reunions. Did you know that one of every three Americans is either afraid to fly

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Buff Enough

“The American ideal of masculinity. . .has created cowboys and Indians, good guys and bad guys, punks and studs, tough guys and softies, butch and faggot, black and white. It is an ideal so paralytically infantile that it is virtually forbidden–as an unpatriotic act–that the American boy

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Reiki Ruminations

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings. Just for today I will not worry. Just for today I will not be angry. Just for today I will do my work honestly and with integrity. Just for today I will be kind to my

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Aphthous Agony

Aphthous ulcers (aka Canker Sores) are those painful, shallow ulcers that occur periodically on the mucosal surfaces of the mouth. . .sites which include the soft palate, the inside of lips and cheeks, and the tongue. They’re painful in their own right, but just add a spicy

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In Memorium

“Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war.” Otto Von Bismark Each year, Memorial Day gives us the formal opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the men and women who have died in

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The Flip of a Switch

She was already dead when the ambulance attendants rushed her through the emergency room doors. A massive hemorrhage had replaced the area in her skull that was once her brain. I later learned that she was the single mother of two grown daughters and an expectant grandmother.

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Maternal Instinct

Another Mother’s Day just past. The lifetime bond that many of us form with our Mom’s is a source of joy not only to them but also to merchants, florists, and interstate telephone companies who benefit from our tangible expressions of thanks, nostalgia, and love each year.

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My Philosophy

(Latin: doceō, I teach) I learned in medical school that the word, doctor, comes from the Latin word for teacher. I hold that thought closely... read more

Hinesights on Health

These are articles I wrote while in private practice in the early 2000’s. These many years later, I still have folks who ask for links, so I’ve kept them active... read more