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The Art of Medicine

Have you ever wondered about the symbol of medicine, the caduceus? It’s two serpents entwined on a staff. Rooted in Greek and Roman mythology, one snake is Knowledge and the other isWisdom. According to legend, Hermes (messenger of the other gods as well as the god of science,

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Marathon Madness

“One’s reach must exceed their grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”Robert Browning On Saturday, April 28, 2001, I ran in the Country Music Marathon here in Nashville, TN. I made the decision to run just five days earlier, and registered as a late entrant two days before

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The Sunshine Vitamin

The warmth and brightness of the weekend sun got me thinking about Vitamin D for this week’s Insight. What’s the relationship between this vitamin and sunlight? Why has this nutrient been added to one of our most widely consumed beverages? Let’s bone up on this subject in

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The Good Egg

Eggs have been associated with Easter for centuries. Symbolizing both fertility and new life, they have been decorated and celebrated in a variety of ways in diverse cultures. Originally, Easter eggs were painted with bright colors to celebrate the sunlight of spring. Most commonly, Easter eggs were

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Mindful Postures

The exercises we call yoga today, are in fact hatha yoga, a discipline intended to prepare the body for the pursuit of union with the divine while simultaneously raising a practitioner’s awareness of creation to a higher, keener state. Controlled breathing, prescribed postures (called asanas), and meditation

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What’s The Buzz About?

Tinnitus (pronounced tin-night-is or tin-it-is) is the perception of ringing, hissing, buzzing or other sounds in one’s ears or head when no external sound is present. Different folks describe different sounds–ranging from running water, sizzling, buzzing, and humming–to the sound of escaping air or the noise inside

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Shoring Up the Soul

“–then on the shore Of the wide world I stand alone, and think Till Love and Fame to nothingness do sink.” John Keats Poets are forever extolling the power of nature, and a week at the seashore certainly rejuvenated me. On a chilly and blustery first day

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A Swiggin’ O’ The Green

Saturday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. In honor of this auspicious holiday, I felt that discussing something green would be appropriate. Next to plain water, tea is the most frequently consumed beverage in the world, with documentation of its use in China dating back at least

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Meditation in Motion

“Stiff and unbending is the principle of death. Gentle and yielding is the principle of life. Thus an Army without flexibility never wins a battle. A tree that is unbending is easily broken. The hard and strong will fall. The soft and weak will overcome.” —Tao Te

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The Long And The Short Of It

Have you heard the expression, “If Mother Nature doesn’t get you, Father Time will?” For the first time in the history of mankind, people in developed countries can expect to live long enough to become old. Census bureau statistics show that the average lifespan across the world

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My Philosophy

(Latin: doceō, I teach) I learned in medical school that the word, doctor, comes from the Latin word for teacher. I hold that thought closely... read more

Hinesights on Health

These are articles I wrote while in private practice in the early 2000’s. These many years later, I still have folks who ask for links, so I’ve kept them active... read more