Articles written by me on Self-care and Palliative Medicine
On Self-Care & Palliative Medicine

Salt Intake

DO Sweat it!

Did you know that at least 240 people in the United States die of heat-related illness every year? In fact, during the prolonged heat wave of 1980, 1,700 people died as a direct result of those increased temperatures. Unfortunately, heat stroke is also the third ranked cause

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Salt and Sensibility

In 1997, an eating plan named DASH: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension was published as a scientifically proven dietary means of preventing and/or controlling hypertension. The eating pattern emphasizes fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy foods, whole grains, poultry, fish, and nuts consumed in a total daily consumption of

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My Philosophy

(Latin: doceō, I teach) I learned in medical school that the word, doctor, comes from the Latin word for teacher. I hold that thought closely... read more

Hinesights on Health

These are articles I wrote while in private practice in the early 2000’s. These many years later, I still have folks who ask for links, so I’ve kept them active... read more